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"Why are our LED corn bulbs failing?"

...or sometimes we hear:

"Our retrofit LED lights are not as bright as they used to be"

...or even:

"Why are our LED corn-lamps dimmer / less-bright now?"

We hear this a lot with high-power corn-light retrofits fitted in low-bay/highbay lights.


Many companies sell LED bulbs designed to replace the metal-halide or sodium (SON) lamps in industrial floodlights, high-bay and low-bay lighting.
We've never sold or installed
LED industrial corn-bulbs as they haven't met our specs.
...but we've analysed a lot of LED retrofit corn-lamps in customers low-bay/high-bay lights in warehouses and industrial buildings.
Sometimes the lights have stopped working or are far less bright after 2-3 years.


LED corn bulbs need open-air to stay cool:

Corn-bulb_retrofit_LED-high-bay-low-bayLEDs are outside, hot electronics inside

Are your LED corn lamps retrofitted inside a low-bay / higbay light?

The heat builds up inside the body of the low-bay light or high-bay light. This can start to destroy the bulb's electronics and LEDs.
The LEDs can fail, change colour, or start dimming / reducing in

Did you know hot LEDs are not as bright as cool ones?
o overheating corn-lights might be less efficient than previous-generation metal-halide or SON (sodium) lightings.

What are the alternatives to retrofitting LED corn-bulbs?

We don't sell corn-lamps as we need to promise our clients a very long life from their LED industrial lights, particularly in high areas where access to replace them is expensive.
LEDs and LED-drivers are the expensive part. It's usually false-economy to keep your existing light-bodies as the bodies are the cheapest bit.
This is how we make LED high-bay / lowbay lights instead:

Separate LED driver to keep heat away from the LEDs:

Why are my LED corn bulbs not as bright as they were Replacing LED corn bulbs with LED highbay lowbay lights(Top-model)

The LEDs are attached to multi-serrated metal cooling fins (‘heatsink’) to give the LEDs a
long bright life


Budget 'UFO' model (good
alternative to LED corn-lamp at a similar price).

Retrofit corn-lamps are like old lights, they lose light by bouncing it around inside light-fittings:
LED light-bulb Corn-lamp beam spread

Our LED high-bay/low-bay and 
floodlights mount the LEDs on the outside of the light.
So all the light comes out where you need it for maximum efficiency (lux-level at the ground per watt of power you spend):


Written by Stephen Begg, industrial lighting project-designer.

Ring Stephen on 07594 336618 (UK mobile) if you'd like to talk about options for your lights.

Stephen Begg B.A.Hons Industrial Design


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