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Convert recessed modular fluorescent lights to T5 or LED
Up to 60% energy-savings!

Give direct/indirect diffused illumination with brighter walls and ceilings... "Wide-Awake-Lighting"

Click to enlarge:

To help your staff concentrate:

- Reduces glare

- Helps standardise lighting across working area

- Better-iIlluminates walls and ceilings
Download diagram showing how GreenCat makes lights more efficient

How does the effect work?

Lighting to desks is uneven - lights create reflection-glare - staff create shadows where they work.

Cat-2 lighting lighting-guide-7

Cat-2 lighting lighting-guide-7

GreenCat diffusers are used with our Modular Lighting T5 Conversion kit

GreenCat can also be used with LED Tubes

Download PDF about converting modular recessed lights to slim T5 tubes

Is 'category 2' lighting a legal requirement?  CIBSE says:

"The term 'category 2' is no longer used by the CIBSE. It was used to describe a particular design of luminaire (light fitting) that could be employed to prevent reflections of the luminaire on the display screen. Unfortunately, in doing so, these luminaires can produce a gloomy environment if used on their own without consideration of surface reflectances. In most offices, particularly where modern computers with bright screens are used, such reflections are not likely to occur and therefore it is not necessary to specify this type of luminaire." The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

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We can offer a free energy survey and report, then if you qualify for funding we can apply for funding

Guide to choosing energy-saving lighting (retrofit or replacement)

Or if you want a detailed quote for fluoresecent T8-tube-to-T5 adapters please use this page for access to a lighting survey sheet

Contact us on 0845 224 2254 to arrange a discussion about your site, your goals and your energy-uses.

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