Are there any grants for LED lights?

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Can I get a grant for LED lighting and heating?

June 2021 News:

Essex and Kent "LoCASE 2" energy-saving grant

LoCase can offer 40% (up to 5,000 or 10,000) for SME businesses, for supply and fit of efficient technology such as:

- LED Lighting

- Radiant Heating

- Heat-pumps (air source or ground-source)

- Energy-saving controls

- Energy-efficient extraction (eg heat-recovery)

- Insulated loading/shutter doors to retain heat

- Destratification fans ('destrat') to move warm-air down to your staff

- Speed-doors to reduce wasteful draughts

- Renewables such as PV solar panels 

- Compressors

Our degree-qualified industrial designer Stephen Begg can visit your building to assess what you could upgrade and help you apply for grants.

Stephen Begg grants and projects for LED lighting heating shutters speed-doors    Phone Stephen on 07594 336618

LED lighting designers and installers Essex Herts Beds Bedfordshire

You can apply for a LoCASE 2 grant even if you had a LoCASE grant before, just not for the same type of technology such as LED lights or radiant heaters.

Read about the new grant in:

Hertfordshire (Herts), Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Milton Keynes (MK), Bedfordshire (Beds), Northamptonshire (Northants) and Berkshire (Berks):

We are listed suppliers of the Low Carbon Workspaces grant:

grants for LED lighting and radiant heating grants UK England Milton Keynes Beds Bucks Herts

1,000 - 5,000 grant towards:

- LED lighting

- Solar panels (PV, photovoltaic))

- Radiant infrared heating

- Efficient insulated loading roller shutter-doors

- Insulation

- Motion-sensors

And many other ways to cut energy in your building.

Phone Stephen on 07594 336618...

or click here to send equiry if out of business hours

How we help upgrade to LED lighting

We're able to carry out 3d computer design of lighting upgrades for checking light-levels/reducing glare, as well as allowing you to see the proposed appearance.

We help companies in many UK counties to apply for free government-funding grants to pay for energy-efficient LED lights. We plan, supply and fit their lights too!

We have run many LED lighting and efficient-heating projects in: Herts, Essex, Kent, East Sussex, Bedfordshire, Hants, Surrey, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, 
Northants, Wiltshire and Staffordshire.
But we can also help with grant projects in Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and many other counties.

We can run your upgrade to efficient heating too

We can help you get efficiencies around many parts of your building. See our website about upgrades here

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Energy-saving grant funding help with submitting application how to apply
Can I get a grant for LED lighting are there any grants for energy-saving lights
Contact us now, limited funds may be available
  • Phone us on 0845 224-2254 so we can help check you’re eligible.

Or click to send equiry if out of business hours

*Each county scheme has its own rules and grant contribution percentage.  We cannot promise you will be eligible as we are not the grant awarding body, we are a private company which provides energy-saving projects on a commercial basis 

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