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Fluorescent lights can be converted to LED quickly and cheaply


- LED tubes kit 4ft 5ft 6ft 8ft in your fluorescent lights
- LED corn-bulbs kit in your high-bay / low-bay lights
- Replacing your lights with new LED light-fittings

Stephen can visit you in the UK to survey your fluorescent and high-bay/low-bay lights and help you decide the best way to change them to an energy-saving type (see examples of lights we've converted or replaced with LED over the past 12 years)

Stephen can advise you on any grants to save up to 60% of the cost of your LED conversion

How to choose LED conversions:

LED tubes in linear fluorescent (strip) lights
flourescent to LED conversion retrofit kit tube upgrade convert modifyfluorescent to LED convesion kit LED-tubes

LED tubes contain the LEDs and transformer to convert mains power all in one tube.

- Cheap to buy and easy to retrofit
into your lights with starters

- Good LED tubes let you angle the LED beam where you want it

- In enclosed light-fittings these should not be used all day as heat can't escape
- Fluorescent lights must be in good condition to give electrical contact

See our page about fluorescent to LED tube conversion kits

LED corn-bulbs conversion for your high-bay / low-bay lights

LED Retrofit conversion for low-bay highbay warehouse factory floodlights corm-bulb corn-lampLED_conversion corn-bulb high-bay low-bay fluorescent kit
LED corn bulbs are usually a cheap-to-buy retrofit conversion kit for warehouse-style lights..
They have the LEDs on the outside and the mains transformer on the inside.

Pros: Cheap to buy and easy to fit
(you must get an electrician to remove old light ballast)
Cons: In enclosed light-fittings these should only be used a few hours a day (no cooling air)
See our warning about when NOT to use LED corn bulb kits

Low-bay lights and IP65 waterproof fluorescent lights are rarely safe to convert to LED as the heat is enclosed so the electronics can wear-out.

The solution:

Replacing your lights with new LED light-fittings

LED replacement kit upgrade for Low-bay-high-bay fluorescent

Retrofit LED conversion kits work best if your fluorescent or high-bay lights have no reflectors left on the lights.
If your lights are more than about ten years old, or have been used in a dusty, damp, chemical or busy environment we wouldn't recommend LED conversion kits.
Nasty as it sounds but in a crowded area skin-cells can be highly corrosive to the exposed electrical connections to bulbs and tubes.

In one LED retrofit project ten years ago we had to break the glass fluorescent tube out of the lamp-holder of the old light-fitting in a busy lecture-room before advising the client they needed new lights not retrofit.

"How many LED lights do I need?" "What layout should I use?" "What power LEDs?"
New LED lights can be placed where you need them, tuned to the light-level you want. Our design-service makes sure you choose the right layout and lights.

fluorescent warehouse kit conversion LED retrofit-lighting design

See examples of LED lights we've supplied (and often fitted)

Phone Stephen on 07594 336618 for advice of to arrange a visit to help you choose the right lights and layout

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