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Adapt your lay-in grid fluorescent light fittings to T5 or LED tubes...
or replace them with LED panels.

Save up to 60% of your energy in suspended ceilings

We supply LED panels, available dimmable with presence-detection (motion sensing) and daylight control:

LED panel with remote control sensor dimming daylight harvesting

We can also supply LED tubes which cost more but use slightly less energy

Then you can improve the Cat2 light effect with our LG7-style diffuser kit
retrofit T5 tubes into recessed suspended ceiling modular fluorescent grid light fittings with diffuser or prismatic

Just save me energy with as little cost as possible
Show me how adding the "Wide Awake" GreenCat diffuser can improve alertness and productivity.
Two extra-bright T5 HO tubes:

T5 tube adapter for recessed light
Modular T8 light-fitting with two T5 converters
View inside modular fluorescent fitting with two ClickSave T5 Adapters.
Outer T8 tubes will not be lit.

Two T5 adapters for Recessed modular fitting
Plates to cover unlit tubes

OR just replace your diffusers
T5 converters in recessed light with plastic diffuser
For fittings with a prismatic diffuser no blanking-plates are needed

Typical energy-savings:

4 x 18 Watt modular fitting (including magnetic switch-start ballasts):
85 Watts

GreenCat 2 x 16 Watts
32 Watts

GreenCat extra-bright 2 x 21 Watts
42 Watts

... or:

T5 modular light-fittings

LED panels to fit 600x600mm grid


Clients hated gloomy “Cat2” lighting…

Cat-2 diffuser adapted to direct-indirect lighting-guide-7
     …so we designed a cure (see below) aimed at lighting-guide-7

GreenCat lighting diffuser lighting-Guide-7
Direct/indirect retrofit diffuser


The GreenCat Diffuser effect

Cat2 light without GreenCat diffuser:
modular Cat-2 fluorescent fitting without diffuser
Shows gloomy 'cave-effect'

With GreenCat Diffuser:
modular fluorescent lighting with GreenCat diffusert
Walls and ceilings are illuminated

Download diagram showing how GreenCat makes lights more efficient

Tell me more about GreenCat , 'wide-awake lighting'

PDF about converting modular recessed lights to slim T5 tubes

This method can also be used for 3-tube fittings and 4ft modular fittings

Adding unique GreenCat diffuser creates modern direct/indirect diffused light as widely recommended

Download a copy of our Intellectual Property certificate for GreenCat.
GreenCat Patent Office Certificate PDF (73k)

You can achieve the maximum savings with the minimum capital-expenditure.

T5 adapterGreenCat kit contains ClickSave T8 to T5 Adapters

We have the experience and the advanced products you need

We design advanced energy-saving solutions no other company offers, such as GreenCat, our unique modificitation for recessed modular fluorescent light-fittings.

The results are lower energy costs, and often better appearance or improved lighting for staff, students or visitors.

We work with many publicly-funded sites, and private organisations from offices, to
 hotels to factories and warehouses, where payback can be as fast as 12 months.

We can discuss funding arrangements and pilots to help ease your way.

Contact us on 0845 224 2254 to arrange a discussion about your site, your goals and your energy-uses.

energy-saving lighting
Energy At Work
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Warehouse address: Unit 21 Merchant Drive,
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