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Great-looking light just where and when you need it...

Our Efica individually responsive LED lighting system saves energy and makes offices and public buildings nicer places to be:

lighting-sensors LED Panels PIR motion-detection dimming microwave.jpg
Every light detects staff and daylight... ideal in open-plan offices so no light is on unnecessarily

...but doesn't go dark around you!

Saving energy by sensing motion became unpopular because:

  • Lights were either on or off, you couldn't choose your own light-level
  • Staff had to jump around to trigger lighting sensors
  • The entire room was switched on by the sensor, which wasted energy
  • You couldn't change the way the lights react desk-by-desk or dim for a presentation
This has all changed

daylight-and-motion-sensors LED-Panels PIR-detection_dimming_microwave
When daylight is sufficient or no staff are nearby, lights dim or switch off individually

Patented sensors respond to small movements like typing - no need to wave arms again!

Pictured is the first installation in the UK using this revolutionary new patented product

LED Panels and downlights which reach full-brightness individually when needed:

remote-control-handset_programmable_programmer_program-lights Settings can be easily changed using hand-held remote-control
Download datasheet

Typical settings to save energy but provide a pleasant working environment:

Presence-dimming using patented responsive microwave-sensors:

Motion-sensor microwave or PIR which detects person walking in When staff are working nearby the nearest lights remain on full 

lighting-sensor_Mirowave_PIR-detector-presence After staff leave the area the lights dim to an adjustable dimming level

lighting-detection-of-people_Microwave_PIR-detector-presence Lights stay dimmed for a time users can programme, then switch off


In long corridors lights can help staff and dim after they pass:

Corridor sensor lighting control


Avoid wasting energy by keeping lights off on bright days


daylight_harvesting to keep LED-lights off on bright days With sufficient natural light lights stay off

LED-Panel_which_detects-daylight_intelligent-lighting Daylight not at the programmed level so light switches on

Combining motion-sensing and daylight-detection can save over 50% of energy in buildings with unobscured windows and staff moving around the rooms

LED intelligent lighting 

Remote control can also be used to dim lights for presentations:

Dimming lighting for presentation

Ask us to advise on how intelligent, user-controllable, responsive lighting could make a massive improvement to how your building uses energy while keeping it a pleasant place to work.

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We can give advice about many different aspects of energy and power in your building...

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