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Lighting-design for better interiors... 
...making your building really work

We can design the right lighting-effect and light-level with 3D simulation

When we design lighting for public, retail or commercial buildings, we ask how visitors, staff and students want to feel, how the lighting needs to help their activities or even to guide visitors as they move around the building.

LED dimmable downlights in office break-out room, all designed by Stephen Begg:
 Lighting-design calculating light-levels  LED_suspended-light_downlight-uplight
(innovative suspended LED lights which provide up-light and down-light but avoid glare, ie the LEDs can't be seen from side-view)

Large spaces needing dimmable lighting
to save energy and adapt to tasks

The client is delighted.  Previously this space was wasting a lot of energy (older fluorescents). It wasn’t dimmable; they had to run it at full power all the time even if there was an activity happening which didn’t need that brightness.


(fluorescent tubes, walls were quite dark, light-level non adjustable, lux level around 400lx when no daylight)

Design stage (after full site-survey visit):

LED lights in a 3D computer-designed layout.
LED-Lighting-design_for_factory-and-warehouse_sports-hall   Testing uniformity using our advanced software


The light-level is adjustable using a hand-held remote-control (between 200lx and 900lx) and uniformity is greatly improved)

It was cheaper than you might imagine too.

Our client wrote:

"We have had really favourable comments about them...
...everyone seems to be very impressed"

Retail design

One of our first paid lighting-design commissions was for a famous retail centre.

Among many designs we were paid to provide, we were shown how dark and univiting the stairwells were:
shopping centre retail lighting-design existing stairwellExisting dark univiting stairwell

So we designed lighting and semi-reflective wall-decoration that would make the space feel more bright and interesting, and more importantly made people want to use the stairwell:
retail_lighting_design_LED_commercial stairs
Our improved design

We were also asked to design ways to encourage visitors to the shopping entrance from covered car-parks:
lighting-improvement-for-car-park-oldOld dark entrance.

The shopping centre wanted to catch each visitor's eye from the darkest parts of the car-park to guide them to the shopping centre and begin the shopping experience in the car park. We design graphics and signeage as well as lighting!
Above: Our novel design for enhancing dull dark-green concrete pillars by adding illuminated perforated back-lit sheet around pillar, with light-box to display offers/edverts.

Your staff, students or visitors need the right lighting for the activity.

We can use our 3D lighting software and lighting-design skills to create ideal lighting-layouts and predict light-levels in different areas - even how uniform it will be:

warehouse factory-lighting-designwarehouse-lighting-highbay-lowbay-design-T5-layout-how-many-do-I-need
light-level calculation lux lumens uniformity
We can create a lighting design sheet for you to evaluate:
The room-drawings were created in our software

Light-fittings give light in certain directions; some are down-lights only, some give up-light, many are diffused. Each type creates a different effect.
How can you choose the right type and power for your buiding without making an expensive mistake?
Lighting-guide-7 direct-indirect diffused-T5-fluorescent-light-fittingPhotometric light-output-diagram for T5-twin-HF-light-fitting
Most light-fittings are measured to record light-output and direction of light.
Now you can see a 3D simulation of your building using that light-fitting's real data.
3d-lighting-design-lighting-layout Relux dialux
This helps you to check you like the lighting we're proposing.

We can create complex room shapes with the correct colours.
shop office lighting-design retail

We can also give the light-levels in figures:
Calculation algorithm used Average indirect fraction
Height of evaluation surface 0.75 m
Height of luminaire plane 7.85 m
Maintenance factor 0.94
Total luminous flux of all lamps 267000 lm
Total power 3460 W
Total power per area (450.00 m’) 7.69 W/m2 (3.23 W/m2/100h)

Average illuminance Eav 238 lx
Minimum illuminance Emin 148
Maximum illuminance Emax 340
Uniformity g1 Emin/Em 111.6 (0.62)
Uniformity g2 Emin/Emax 132.29 (0.44)

Pictures are examples only - any shape or complexirty of room can be similated
We may charge to create 3D lighting designs, sometimes as a refundable fee

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