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LED PL replacement lamps can save up to 65% of energy replacing PL-L or PL-C lamps

Our long-life LED PL-L lamps have external, replaceable driver.... dimmable or contols to your specification.

LED PL-L PLL 2G11 2g-11 compact-fluorescent retrofit replacement
Frosted (more diffused, wider beam, more comfortable to look at)

World's first PL-L replacement with light in 360 degrees!
PL-L fluorescent light-fittings are usually designed this way, but other LED-PL-L retrofits can't offer this so the lighting-effect is wrong.
2G-11-LED both-ways 360degrees replacement PLL PL-L retrofitretrofit PLL PL-L LED_Herts_Essex_London_Bedfordshire_Watford_Luton
Conventional LED PL-L lamps leave unlit areas unlike Efica

In most LED lights the DRIVER, not the LEDS, fails first.

PL-L LED London UK External-driver separate-driver PLL-lamp
Separate driver/transformer: Cooler LEDs = long LED-life
The EFICA driver is outside the tube. Quick-release cable allows replacement.
Driver fits inside body of light-fitting (cable runs through light-fitting’s ‘starter’ hole)

420mm 15Watts (1200lm)
490mm 19Watts (1520lm)

Other lengths and wattage available to suit most sizes of lights

Aluminum body for cooling
. Cooler LEDs = long LED-life

Download more information about the Efica LED PL-L

Blog article about how to tell if an LED will last a long time

Wiring changes will need to be made in order to fit LED tubes


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