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Open-plan LED office lighting - save energy without annoying staff

We know how unpopular it is for motion-sensor LED lights to go off when you're working at your desk.

So now you can fit sensors (microwave) that can detect the smallest movements in the office, like typing or talking on the phone.

So does this mean all the lights stay on when only a few staff are in the open-plan room? What if instead each light could detect movement and keep track of how long since the last person passed.

What it those lights then dimmed to a comfortable level...  so the open-plan office doesn't go pitch-dark around the people still working?

Our motion-sensor LED panels save energy while keeping a nice office environment:

Open-plan lighting-sensors LED Panels PIR motion-detection dimming microwave.jpg
Each light responds to staff and light... ideal in open-plan offices so no light is on unnecessarily

Openplan LED daylight-and-motion-sensors LED-Panels PIR-detection_dimming_microwave
When daylight is sufficient or no staff are nearby, lights dim or switch off individually

LED Panels and downlights which dim after people have left their space:

remote-control-handset_programmable_programmer_program-lights Settings can be easily changed using hand-held remote-control

Save energy but provide a pleasant open-plan working environment:

Presence-dimming using responsive microwave-sensors:

Motion-sensor microwave or PIR which detects person walking in When staff are working underneath, the nearest lights remain on full 

lighting-sensor_Mirowave_PIR-detector-presence After staff leave the lights dim to an adjustable dimming level

lighting-detection-of-people_Microwave_PIR-detector-presence Lights stay dimmed for a while, then you choose when they can switch off

Avoid wasting energy in open-plan offices by keeping lights off on bright days

Open-plan office building daylight-harvesting-detection_lights-which-don't-come-on-if-it's-bright-enough

daylight_harvesting to keep LED-lights off on bright days With sufficient natural day-light lights stay off

LED-Panel_which_detects-daylight_intelligent-lighting Daylight not at the (programmable) level so light switches on

Motion-sensing and daylight-detection can save over 50% of energy in open-plan buildings with  windows and staff moving around the rooms

remote-control-handset_programmable_programmer_program-lights Remote-control can also be used to dim lights for special occasions

Ask us to advise on how responsive lighting could improve to how your open-plan offices use energy while keeping it a nice place to work.

Case study of LED lighting for open-plan offices

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