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LED spotlight bulbs...  "I've tried them and didn't like them"

How can you avoid dim LED spotlights and short-lived LED bulbs?

Don't buy these kinds of LED spotlight bulbs!

Here's why:

bright high-power LED-Spotlight
Too much power
Too small body/heat-dissipation 'heatsink'
Short life and LEDs will lose brightness faster

(firms do this because cheap LEDs aren't bright enough)
LED-dichroic replacement for halogen mini-spotlight
1 LED is not usually enough
A spotlight with 1 LED will not be as bright as a spotlight of the same total power consumption which has three or four LEDs. (This is not the same as one 'array' which contains many LEDs like our COB bulbs. What does COB LED mean? It means chip-on-board).

Adding lots more power to one LED won't give an equal increase in light, and it would probably shorten its life.

10-pack! Cheap LED-GU10 MR16

Beware cheap LEDs. Who made the LEDs? Don't pay for a bulb which might only have cost pennies to make and won't be as bright (or last as long) as a top-quality product.
Cree LEDs can give excellent colour and brightness and have long life in a well-designed bulb..
Other good  '2nd tier' LED brands include Samsung, LG and Epistar. If you've never heard of the LED brand phone us for our opinion on their quality and brightness.
CREE-chip LED GU10 MR16 Dicroic
Not all 'Cree' LED spotlights are the same
Cree LEDs have a global reputation, so some companies use the Cree logo when not all of the LED and its mounting are made and assembled by Cree. Cree can sell parts or the whole assembly. If it's ALL Cree it's generally more reliable; often brighter too!
Narrow spotlight beam LED GU10
"30 degree beam"
Narrow beam = dark areas in the room.
Most halogen bulbs have a wide beam but many LEDs have a very narrow beam eg 25 degrees. This is a trick to make cheap low-efficiency LEDs look brighter but as soon as you try to light a wall or coffee table the beam is much too narrow.
cool-daylight LED GU10 spotlight
Beam colour not specified often means chilly blue-caste such as colour 5000k, 6000k or 6500k.
LEDs are brighter in cool-daylight (blueish) colour. Many cheap LED bulbs are left very blue to generate enough light to justify selling them. But very few customers like cool-daylight colour which ruins the look of decor!
We can create LED bulbs with almost any warm colour!
Glass DIP-LED spotlight
Remember these glass LED bulbs?
LEDs need to get rid of heat fast or they become dim and eventually fail.  Glass won't conduct heat like metal will (something to do with 'free-electrons'!).

Also those LEDs are a type hardly used now (better suited to blinking on the front of your hifi than lighting a room).
Pictures are illustrations only and are not representative of any actual model on sale in the UK

Why are we not the very cheapest?
Cree and other top-grade LED components cost a lot, but they are worth it.
Take care; not all 'Cree' LED bulbs are the same. Two bulbs can claim to be 'Cree' but one can have more 'Cree' components than the other..  is the bulb's whole light-source Cree or just the 'chip' inside it?
...also Cree make different LED grades.

48-hour pre-sale testing for every bulb!
Very few factories build in this safeguard.
We visit the factory to oversee quality.

We think it's better not to buy LED spotlights than to buy poor ones.

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