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Retrofit T8-to-T5 Converter Kits convert fluorescent "strip-lights" to T5 tubes.
Adapters for fluorescent lighting from 2ft up to 8ft T12 tubes.

 Use T5 energy-saving tubes in standard 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft fluorescent lights 

T8-to-T5-adapters fluorescent batten-style tube convertersThe ClickSave T8-toT5 adapter.
Slim T5 tubes (available from trade suppliers) can last much longer than T8 or T12 tubes, reducing maintenance costs. Flicker-free too.

These adapters avoid the wasted energy of a light-fitting’s ‘magnetic’ wire-wound ballast which can use 20% extra power over the tube's rating!

Batten-style adaptor with low-energy HF ballast and holds thin efficient T5 tube. Replaces Fluorescent Tubes in standard light-fittings (or 'striplights').

T8 and T5 energy saving retrofit tubes

Thousands of our T5 conversion retrofit kits are in use in the UK in schools, offices, retail, leisure, industrial, government, local-authority  ....many via The Carbon Trust, Salix and European funding

Why is ClickSave the best T5 Converter Kit for you?

ClickSave is not a tube-extender, with ClickSave your lights use less energy than with standard plastic 'end-cap' style T5 adapters like these which don't have built-in reflectors:
plastic-tube-extender T5-conversion-kit easy it fits on each-end to save energy

Avoid problems -  click for Checklist for Choosing T5 Adapters

Have you got 8ft lights with failing tubes? Click for 8ft T12 tube-converter

Volume and trade discounts available - prices start at under 10

Lightweight linear clip-in aluminium body for strength and dispersal of heat.

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Why choose an energy-efficient T12 or T8-to-T5 adapter with a reflector?

T5-adapter-with-reflectorMost sizes of narrow low-energy T5 fluorescent tubes are not as bright as the equivalent-sized T8 tube.

In most buildings our bright reflector maintains or exceeds existing light levels.


End-to-end light
- even with your 6ft and 8ft T12 fluorescent lights

two-Tube 2-tube 6ft 8ft T5-adapter
other 6ft T5 adapters leave large unlit areas at the ends of the light-fitting. This is because T5 tubes are only made up to 1500mm (about 5 ft) so other types of T5 adapter use a single shorter tube (such as 1500mm tube in a 6ft light-fitting). ClickSave 6ft and 8ft T5 Adapters use two T5 tubes end-to-end for continuous light.

8ft T12  tubes replaced by T5 tubes and T5 conversion-kitsSaving 55% energy!
Project replacing T12 8ft tubes organised by one of our clients.

Typical Energy-Savings of our T5 conversion

Fluorescent Fitting Tube Type
Existing Fitting Watts inc fitting (est)*
Total after adaptation approx
Saving %

8ft 100w T12
54W (two tubes)
6ft 70w T8 or T12
42W (two tubes)
5ft 58w T8 or T12
4ft 36w T8 or T12
2ft 18w T8 (single)
13W* 50%*
(*high-output brighter version also available so you can reduce tubes from 4 to 2 in 4-tube ligh-fitting)
2ft 4-tube 18w T8
600x600 fitting
(‘Cat2’ style)
4-tube fitting:
34W* (two tubes)

With two extra-bright GreenCat adapters

(*high-output brighter version also available)

Advanced preheat ballast - for longer tube life
Preheat warms the tube so large start-up currents are not needed.
This gives the best life (the most start-ups) from tubes. No short-tube-life like old 'switch-start' caused.

We can also supply LED tubes which cost more but use slightly less energy:

  LED frosted tube

Are your lights modular?

recessed_Cat2_modular_louvres    prismatic_modular_recessed

Click here for our unique adaptation for CAT2 (louvre) or prismatic-diffused modular recessed light-fittings.

GreenCat saves up to 64% of the energy, and can improve the working environment for staff or students if you choose our unique optional diffuser.

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OR complete your own lighting survey here to get a quote and payback estimate

ClickSave T12 or T8 to T5 adapter kits can also be used to adapt electronic ballast high-frequency (HF) fluorescent T8 fittings (fixtures) to use T5 tubes. However please bear in mind that your high-frequency fittings are consuming less power than the same style of fitting would if it had a traditional magnetic ballast. For this reason your savings will be lower. You will also need to follow our isntructions to modify the internal wiring of the light fitting.

Need shatterproof T5 lighting?

Should I fit LED tube converters or T5 tube adapters?
LED tubes or T5 tubes? LED tubes are a little more efficient but they cost much more, so payback will be poorer.
Evidence that LEDs could damage health if used long hours as main light-source

Old T8 fittingGot old / failing T8/T12 light-fittings? Click for this solution.

Or if the lamp-holders are too corroded to give stable power to a T5-tube retrofit unit you need to wire your adapter into the mains bypassing the ballast:
wired T5-retrofit coverter carrierfor light-fitting fixture direct-into-mains-powered
Wired T5-tube-converter (not standard - please specify at time of order. Delivery may take longer.)

Why choose a retrofit tube holder wth reflector?
Light at ground level will be brighter with reflector compared to a non- reflector tube-converter

What if your fluorescent light-fittings already have reflectors?

Reflectors become dirty and dusty so do not reflect enough light. Also most lights' reflectors do not extend to the back of the light-fitting so much light can be lost behind them - the reflectors of ClickSave T5 adapters are about the same width as a T12 tube so fit is not usually an issue.

Blog article - do T5 adapters really save energy?
Emergency lights and T5-adapters

Contact us on 0845 224 2254 to arrange a discussion about your site, your goals and your energy-uses.
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